Jaclyn Monroe Plays The Nashville Rocks Studios

Jaclyn Monroe on The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 15

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This lady’s music is soulful and bluesy and would satisfy the most picky critic. Seriously when we recorded a couple live songs I got cold chills. She is a multi-instrumentalist playing both piano and guitar and originally hails from Arizona. Now living and working in Nashville, she has tour dates coming up in Nashville as well as a tour out west. I personally think she channels Janis Joplin and I could swear there is some Aretha Franklin in there too. It’s rock, it’s pop, it’s blues, it’s soul and it’s all the lovely and talented Jaclyn Monroe…welcome to the show!

Jaclyn Monroe visits The Nashville Rocks Studios in Nashville, TN and talks with the host, Jason R. Coleman about her new EP Confessions available now! We talk about planning your own tour, Mtv, South By Southwest, Indie GoGo and much more.

Jaclyn shares her tracks Puppet and Lost and Found and talks about how these songs came about.

Jaclyn, accompanied by Andrew Riley, performs an acoustic version of her song Burn in the Nashville Rocks Studios and is making it available for a free download on the website! Get it HERE!

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What we covered


Music Topics

  • Planning your own tour
  • Car Flavored Eggs
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Hipsters and Mustaches
  • Mtv Reality Shows
  • VW Bus
  • South By Southwest
  • Travel By Prius
  • Indie GoGo

Venues and Places


Tour Information

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