Tristan Tritt Show Last night at The End in Nashville – America Part Two and July Turner

The End Marquee featuring Tristan Tritt

Tristan Tritt with arm raised at The End in NashvilleTristan Tritt At The End

On a cold February night in Nashville, TN, The End did what it does pretty much every night of the year and that is to host a great music performance in its legendary space. Last night, the 28th of February boasted the likes of Tristan Tritt, America Part Two and July Turner. All great musicians and writers in their own right, but very different in their genre and choice of musical presentation. Putting these three acts together was simply a treat to the fans who paid to be at The End on a Wednesday night on Elliston Place.

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Venue – The End

The concrete floors of this venue can tell a story, but it’s the walls that do the talking. Celebrating it’s storied past and the many musicians who’ve come before, The End tells it’s story with art and not the music kind. From a full wall mural of Johnny Cash, to Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead to newer art that honestly I don’t get. Stepping inside tells a more direct story of the names of artists who’ve been there and done that and got the t-shirt.

So it’s only fitting that inside these walls, these three performances honored that venue tradition and put on a great show.

July Turner performing at The End in NashvilleJuly Turner (Acoustic)

Starting off the night for Tristan Tritt with his own Georgia, home-grown mixture of southern rock and country was the talented July Turner. July shared his original songs throughout the night and each one of them had a story that needed to be told. Sporting a black t-shirt and a chain, July belted out those songs with heart and determination. Doing what he does with his band only solo this time, July opened up the room to prepare for the second and third act with complete success.

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America Part Two performing at The End in NashvilleAmerica Part Two

Next was America Part Two, hitting the stage with a roaring guitar amp distortion and feedback sonic onslaught, punching through the stillness in the audience, signifying they were coming in with a bang! Immediately drilling into the crowd with strong lyrics and aggressive style that could only liven up those in attendance to a fever pitch. Adding in an all instrumental song and delivering the musicianship level we like to hear only added to their stage appeal. The energy and potent nature of their songs drove home the drive this band has to continue touring no matter what it takes. With band member troubles in the past, America Part Two landed a strong bassist to help round out the trio just prior to the beginning of this tour. If you love energetic music, make sure to catch America Part Two in a town near you.


Tristan Tritt

Then, the well received and anxiously awaited headlining act that is Tristan Tritt took the stage. Until last night I never put two and two together, but this performer has a Nashville heritage unlike most. His father is the famous Travis Tritt of country music fame. With that kind of heritage looming over him, Tristan successfully broke away from his country roots to pursue a more rock style of music that eclipses a traditional southern rock band. With some pop influences and covers performed in their set, Tristan proved he can win and keep on winning on the road with an excellent band. Their originals were written well and certainly entertained the crowd and the musicianship of the band was second to none. From twirling drumsticks to pounding bass and fire on the lead guitar fretboard, the band was the perfect combination to hold Tristan up to a high standard. That standard thrilled the audience with song ofter song of southern charm and rock n roll melodies.

Download his new release and check out future tour dates for Tristan and try to catch him near your town. I’m sure this artist is not finished and we can only expect to hear and see more of him.

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Tristan Tritt and America Part Two at The End Feb 28, 2024

Rock On!

By: Jason R. Coleman


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