Wild – Apple Music Country Best New Song From Alyssa Scott

Wild Single From Alyssa Scott

Running “Wild” And Free

Alyssa Scott in a black topDebuting on Apple Music Country “Best New Songs”, Alyssa Scott has made an anthem for the free spirits, the dreamers and the ones who cannot be tamed with her new single “Wild.” “Wild” is all about running wild and free, becoming the best version of yourself, and leaving behind anything that Read more →


Annie Sellick – Jazz Singer – on The Nashville Rocks Independent Music Podcast

Annie Sellick is the featured guest on this episode of The Nashville Rocks Independent Music Podcast with Jason Coleman. Annie Sellick is a jazz singer and songwriter from Nashville, TN. She has toured and played with many well known jazz musicians and songwriters. Annie will share her knowledge of jazz with us and help with vocal warmups, focusing on your art and more. We’ll listen to 4 tracks including the first Christmas track you’re likely to hear this year, Let’s Make A Christmas Memory. She also shares, Sugar, I Love Paris and Cafe 1, 2, 3. Celebrate independent music on The Nashville Rocks Podcast.