AvA Releases Official Music Video – Break Free

AvA Music Video

AvA Break Free (Official Music Video)

AvA Music VideoAvA has released their official music video for their track, Break Free. This heart pounding tune will be sure to rock your socks off and leave you barefooted in a cave. At least that’s what I think. If you were stuck in a cave, who would you like to be stuck with? This femme fatal finds her way to the pulse pounding beats of AvA’s Break Free inside Cumberland Caverns.

That’s right. This video was shot right here in middle TN at Cumberland Caverns. It was the perfect location for this song. Up and coming director Jacob Porter envisioned an escape from a dark place and made this shoot happen alongside cinematographer Jason R. Coleman (owner/operator of Nashville Rocks) and Joe Rohaley and his helpful crew most of which were associated with N.F.A.M.

Please check out the video and share it as much as you can to help us promote it socially! To find out more about AvA, check out their Facebook here –>https://www.facebook.com/officialava

See their new video here —>Break Free

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