Lee Gibson – Country Independent Artist – Episode 16

Lee Gbson With Guitar

LEE Gibson Jams In The Nashville Rocks Studios

Lee Gibson Episode 16

Lee Gibson visits The Nashville Rocks Studios in Nashville, TN and talks with the host, Jason R. Coleman about his album Lee Gibson. Available now! We talk about playing with Ronnie McDowell, Bro Country, Busting your a$$ and much more.

Lee shares his tracks Long Slow Night and Quittin Time and talks about how these songs came about.

Lee also performs an acoustic version of his song Still There in the Nashville Rocks Studios and is making it available for a free download on the website! Get it HERE!

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This guy’s musical talents span multiple projects. From background singing, to his own band, to picking and grinning with other artists. He was raised in rural Tennessee, was in his school plays, the church choir and began an acoustic show.

He’s been compared to some huge artists like Dwight Yokam and Ronnie Dunn. He’s also played alongside the likes of Ronnie McDowell. He’s got a powerful voice that is in demand and he makes a living on music.

He’s a country artist and has recently released a self titled album. He’s a Tennessee boy and he’s pure country…please welcome Lee Gibson!

Lee shares his tracks Long Slow Night and Quittin Time and then jams acoustically and provides the listeners with a free acoustic download of Still There!

What we covered

Music Topics

  • Fishing
  • Bro Country
  • Hick Hop
  • Butt Funnels
  • Harmony and Demos
  • BMI Live


Venues and Places



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