No Nashville Rocks Podcast for 2 weeks

Florida Vacation

That’s right, no Nashville Rocks Podcast for two weeks. I just started a much needed vacation and there is no time to book guests on the show.
While you wait for the next episode, catch up on the first four episodes.
I started off with songwriter extraordinaire, Nathan Brumley, who has had success in the TV market and elsewhere. Then I moved on to teen sensation Tyler Matl who has a large following and is making waves on new music tours. Next was Meghan Shanley, she has been a successful performer and has just released her new LP, Ready For Love. Episode number 4 is Bonner Black who has a smooth country sound and has made the transition from Ballet to songwriting and has been successful doing it.
With these 4 episodes readily available, you already have great information and tips to helps with your career and, for fans, we’ve heard some great music from strong independent artists.
Please take the time to write a review on iTunes and please feel free to comment on any post or podcast or interview on the site.
Future guests are lining up. I have a couple of studio engineers that will shed light on how to behave in and prepare for studio recording, a music city mercenary turned artist with a new release sure to rock your life, a music city songwriter who has had cuts from major artists and his own release that is just as good, but maybe under your radar.
Until then, catch up, make sure your friends know about the site and I will be posting some music news as usual.
Peace! ~Jason C.

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