Reverb Nation No Longer Supports Independent Artists – Where Do Independents Go Now?

Reverb Nation Banner

Reverb Nation Banner

Reverb Nation Focuses on National Acts

It’s come to my attention as of late that the formerly independent musician supporting Reverb Nation has changed their business model. When, in the past, they’ve always been a place to go to find new music and new artists not supported by record labels or management, but the little guy who has put together some great music in his garage. Well, that has all come to a close. Now when doing searches for great new artists that are independent and starving for new places to play and new fans, those artists have to compete with the likes of national acts like Tim McGraw, Lil Wayne and Motley Crue. So where does an independent artist go for promotion and exposure? You tell us. Nashville Rocks tried a previous business model allowing accounts and more, but on a shoestring budget, the hackers were more than I could deal with. Where does an independent artist go now? Share your thoughts below so that other independents have a place to go as well.

We also want to help. If you need exposure, look no further. If you are a Nashville artist or band OR you have played or will play in Nashville, then please send us your press releases and music promotions and video promotions. We are excited to provide a place for independent artists to feature their work. The only national support we provide is in music news or interviews, but we focus on the little guy. So send us an email to get started and lets build a brand together that actually supports independent artists.

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