Justin Timberlake Goes Heavy – Channeling Michael Jackson and Slayer – On Nashville Rocks

justin timberlake suit and tie 

justin timberlake suit and tie 

Justin Timberlake Goes Heavy for the CW

I have to say that I usually won’t post things like this, but DANG! I have too. If you know me, then you know my heart belongs to Rock-n-Roll and the heavier the better until you start screaming garbage or grunting like a hog or Bigfoot. So to my surprise two worlds collided for me with this video. One, I’m not afraid to admit that I used to be a gigantic Michael Jackson fan. If you know anything about Michael, then you have to know that most of what Justin Timberlake is doing is directly from his Michael Jackson music influences. So when I saw this video and JT and Michael Jackson and heavy metal were all smashed up like a freak at a sideshow, you know I HAD to love it.
Yes, I was a fan of the early Rock/Rap mashups from names like Run DMC and Aerosmith and, most notably by me, Anthrax. And lets not forget that Slayer was the metal band to put the huge tones on the first Beastie Boys tune. So please take the time to watch this excellent convergence of metal and pop harkening back to the “good ole days.”

~Jason R. Coleman
Nashville Rocks