Brandy Clark and Lindsay Ell Live Stream 22 August 2020

Lindsay Ell and Brandy Clark

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The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 6 – Alyssa Jacey

The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 6: Alyssa Jacey – Songwriter and Mentor

Alissa Jacey Podcast


The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 6 with Alyssa Jacey. Alyssa is one of the hardest working performing artists I have met that is still an independent. We discuss in depth how she does so well what she does. Booking gigs, finding venues and promoters, marketing and branding herself is key in what she does and how she teaches other artists as a mentor.

She sounds like a combination of Leann Rhimes and Tori Amos and many other artists in between and I think you will like her.

You can download her music on Amazon here.

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iPhone 6 Arrives In Nashville

Line For iPhone

Iphone 6 For Sale In Nashville

Stopping off after driving my kids to school, I couldn’t help but notice the long line outside the local Verizon Wireless building filled with major fans of the Apple brand waiting in line for the iPhone 6. It struck me as something that is important to artists and music fans and audio junkies. Why not? Many of us are involved in recording and certainly listening to music on our devices and I am personally interested, and hopefully you are too, in the ability to listen to podcasts like The Nashville Rocks Podcast on your iPhone 6. There has been much hype about Read more →



Yup, it’s that time. Time for BIG CHANGES for Nashville Rocks. My previous business model (membership based) just did not work without major upgrades and investors and the site was originally built on an outdated CMS that was highly prone to Chinese hackers and issues a plenty. So, what’s next? As you can see now, this is the beginning of a brand new WordPress style website for Nashville Rocks. I’ve just about made the decision on a good template to start with and it will be changing all day and into the weekend and into next week.

My mission will continue to be the same. I will do my best to promote independent music to the best of my ability and help out independent artists as much as possible. I will continue to bring you music news, new artists, music tracks of note, articles from industry professionals and more. I will be bringing you some cool music t-shirts and more music merchandise so you can look cool around town.

Labels and independent managers, booking agents and band members, please send me your press releases, your gig dates, your new track releases, cover art and anything you’d like to promote. I’ll do my best to get you more views for your music videos, help you produce them (I am a video producer by day), and I can help you get audio recordings and live recordings if you need them.

Nashville Rocks is a continual work in progress and I’m always looking for your input into what you think Nashville Rocks should be, so send me your ideas and I’ll do my best to make it happen.


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