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Braden Baugh I had the chance to sit down with Country Performing Artist and Songwriter Braden Baugh to talk abut his upcoming EP and his life, songwriting and more.

Nashville Rocks: Who is Braden Baugh?

Braden Baugh: A country artist born and raised here in the Nashville area which I guess is a little bit unique nowadays.

NR: Is it unique. You and I may be some of the only ones left.

BB: Yeah, it seems like it doesn’t happen often, but I love other people coming here. It helps with the cowrites and it’s cool to be able to go downtown and see people. Nashville is truly where I grew up.

NR: Where did you go to high school?

BB: Hendersonville High School

Braden Baugh Golfer Turned Songwriter

NR: Did you go to Vol State?

BB:  I actually went to play Golf in college. We had a pretty good golf team in High School and I was fortunate to be able to do that for about a year and a half and I had continued writing during that whole process. That’s when I decided it was time to move home and get some of this music out…

NR: Get serious about it..

BB: That is when I tried to write more seriously and dig deeper into the songs and maie sure I was getting some good stories. Really that’s my biggest thing is I’m very much into the story aspect of my songwriting. That’s something that you’ll here with “this Dance” when it comes out and even with “Hope You Like Me” When I first started writing it was almost an introduction song.

NR: Kinda like Kid Rock’s “My Name Is Kid?”

BB: yeah, believe it or not when I first wrote that song, the first line started out my name is Braden and I said oh man, I need to go back and start that over…and do something different with it, but the thing I like that it turned into was that I was able to set the scene in that bar and kindof tell about who I am by mentioning some older artists. Some artists that I’m influenced by to be able to give people an idea of who I am and who it is that I listen to.

NR: Give me some of those names and describe what people are going to hear with “Hope You Like Me?”

BB: Willie, Waylon, Skaggs, Lester and Earl, Strait, Hank Williams…all those guys.

NR: Quintessential country influencers…

BB: Exactly, I have their records and for me trying to write and move forward and to create new music I need to go back and listen to the foundation…the guys who laid out that foundation and really take as much influence as I can from them and then move forward with my own. Which is kind of how I started and one of the things you know we’ll play some cover tunes pulling out the Willie Nelson and the Hank Williams, the George Strait…those guys are fun and…

NR: You get a lot of response from an audience when you play those tunes…

BB: Exactly and a lot of the times when we play that we have people saying “I love that you played that” because they haven’t heard anyone play that in a while.

NR: Because most people are playing Eric Church

BB: Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric Church, but I love to pull out that Waylon Jennings song that people haven’t heard in a while. Even though that’s not whats primarily being played on the radio, people love those songs. That’s part of the indicator of a great country song. The fact that they ‘ve lasted through time and that’s what I really want to do with my music as well is really write music that is going to last and that people will want to go back and listen to.

NR: Tell us about the songs that you are developing for the EP…

BB: Hope You Like Me is up online right now to listen to and will be made available for download, then we have “this Dance” which is one I’m really proud of and it tells a story of the girl that got away so to speak and walks through the different aspects of this one relationship, but it’s got a more traditional country feel. Even in the music, we had a great fiddle player come in and play on it. We had Andy Reese from Time Jumpers was able to come in and play electric guitar and Mike Chapman on the bass and they are all just great players anyway and helped add to the excitement.

NR: So will there be 5 tracks?

BB: Yeah we’ve got 3 recorded and we’re adding some songs and should have it recorded fully soon and we’re looking forward to seeing people download it. It really shows who I am even though it’s a little bit different than what is currently being played. It might be a little different than the current trend but its still country and it’s something that’s gotten a great response from crowds so far. I’m interested to see how it goes over and how people like it.

NR: Stylistically what’s coming up on the EP?

BB: It’ll be similar to artists I grew up with and tends to show in some of the songs.

NR: What are your plans for the future

BB: Take the music to as many people as I can. I am working on still writing. Not only for myself, but to pitch around town. My stuff will continue and book more gigs. We’ll try to get on with a booking agent and get some bigger shows and venues. I’m ok if I have to build it fan by fan. Especially in today’s market and the way it goes. I’ve found that even if the first time I go to a place my goal is to make sure that they remember me.

NR: Any stories from your travels on the road?

BB: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Kinda how it goes. No matter what goes wrong, we still have a great show. As long as you have the music…I’ve spent a long time writing and I love the response we get from the crowds. I’m just going to keep doing that.

NR: How do we follow up with you

BB: www.Braden-baugh.com, FacebookTwitter You know social is a great way to stay in touch and stay updated with the fans. We find out where they want us to be and make it happen.

Braden Baugh Braden Baugh Debut EP Solo Effort

BB: This is the first time we’ve gotten really good musicians to play on our tracks. Skip mitchell was live player for Oak Ridge Boys.

NR: If you could tour with anyone, who would you like to tour with?

BB: I like what Easton Corbin is doing. I love Eric Church. Either of them would be a blast.

NR: how has the entire process been so far putting together your EP?

BB: It’s one of those things thats been a longer process that what I was wanting initially, but I’ve been working with some industry people that are helping me make sure it’s what people want to hear.

NR: So how old are you anyway?

BB: I’m 22 and making songs sound better and better.

NR: Where can we see you play anytime soon?

BB: Tullahoma Country Music Festival [schema type=”event” evtype=”MusicEvent” url=”https://www.reverbnation.com/venue/385477″ name=”Tullahoma Country Music Festival” description=”1st Annual Tullahoma Country Music Festival Outdoors at the S. Jackson Civic Center July 24, 25, 26, 2015″ stime=”08:00 pm” street=”404 S Jackson St, Tullahoma, TN, US ” city=”Tullahoma” state=”TN” postalcode=” 37388″ country=”US” ] with the full band.

To listen to “Hope You Like Me” And Find out more about Braden Baugh, click one of the links below or Visit his Reverb Nation App on his Facebook Page HERE.

By: Jason R. Coleman – Nashville Rocks®

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