The Country DJ Phenomenon

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Country DJs?

Yup, about 15 years ago, a few electronic musical pioneers started sneaking Country snippets into their DJ sets at dance clubs. Meanwhile, at some Country bars, DJs were adding club beats to the records they were spinning.

dee jay silver

Photo by: Jamie Vess

Today, a new crop of DJs have built national reputations specifically in Country Music. They keep the party going between sets and add to the live show on major tours. One prominent practitioner, Dee Jay Silver, has even signed with RCA Records Nashville.

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DJs have achieved undeniable visibility in Country Music. To understand how, start with the terminology.

A remix manipulates and rearranges elements from an original recording, adds beats, loops and other components and then assembles them to create a new musical entity. A mashup is a remix that takes two or more songs and blends them together. Typically, the songs getting mashed up have lyric and/or melodic themes that can play off each Read more →