Lee Brice Finds His Footing on I Don’t Dance

Lee Brice

Lee Brice Releases I Don’t Dance

Lee Brice“I grew up loving songs that moved me,” said Lee Brice. “I grew up in church. So for the most part, you’re singing songs that are trying to put across a message.

“Then as I started to play in college, I did the parties and played in the bars,” he continued. “I started hearing music like (Garth Brooks’) ‘Ain’t Goin’ Down (Till the Sun Comes Up)’ and Hank Jr. That became more of who I was, along with Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith. There are two sides to me. I wanted to be able to show both of them.”

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Brice’s affinity for both the soulful ballad and the uptempo rocker is evident on his third Curb album, I Don’t Dance, releasing Sept. 9. Read more →