Wild – Apple Music Country Best New Song From Alyssa Scott

Wild Single From Alyssa Scott

Running “Wild” And Free

Alyssa Scott in a black topDebuting on Apple Music Country “Best New Songs”, Alyssa Scott has made an anthem for the free spirits, the dreamers and the ones who cannot be tamed with her new single “Wild.” “Wild” is all about running wild and free, becoming the best version of yourself, and leaving behind anything that holds you back. The entire sound of the single sounds wild and free, and paints a picture of a beautiful, wild Mustang running free through the fields. Download and Stream: WILD

Alyssa writes music from her bohemian, free spirited heart and she leaves it all on the page. You can hear the emotions and desire to run free and untamed in her voice as she sings. The beginning of the song features sounds that remind you of wind chimes and birds singing, placing the listener out in nature as they listed to this wild and natural tune.

Lines such as “you have your ways, I have mine”, “I’m a little bit reckless”, and “baby just leave me wild” gives the listener an idea of the type of free spirited, determined and independent woman that Alyssa Scott is. This song inspires all listeners to move on from anything weighing them down and preventing them from running wild and free.

Alyssa Scott in a striped topWild” is about me leaving a serious relationship that wanted to tie me down at a young age. The guy I was with wasn’t ok with my professional goals or open to me living my dreams and moving to Nashville. I knew what my soul needed and wanted and it wasn’t marriage or kids yet..so I broke off the serious relationship and moved to Nashville to live my dreams of becoming a full time songwriter and performer.” – Alyssa Scott

This song is for anyone struggling to run free and let their wild spirit take over. Listen to Alyssa Scott’s “Wild” today to set your soul free.

Producer: George Alexander, Mt. Juliet, TN


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