Leah Marie Mason releases single “Hannah”

Leah Marie Mason single Hannah

Hannah Single and Music Video Double Release

Rising country starlet Leah Marie Mason released her new single “Hannah” on September 14th, with an accompanying music video debuting on the same day. You can listen to “Hannah” here:

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and view the music video here:

The song debuted simultaneously on The Boot and Taste of Country, as well as several editorial Apple Music and Spotify playlists, as well as CMT’s music video page and Roundup playlist.

The Leah Marie Mason Sound

Leah Marie Mason may have just broken out onto the scene this year with her viral TikTok that tugged at heartstrings (over 13 million, to be exact), but she has the poise and skill of a seasoned artist. The Nashville-based singer, who recently caught the attention and approval of Dan + Shay for her cover of their song “From the Ground Up” is cementing herself as a true changemaker in the industry. She allows her edges to frame an intimate and infectious brand of country that could resonate from a small town to the top of a big city. By doing so, she energizes the genre with universal pop appeal. Inspired by everything from the classic songwriting of George Strait, bluegrass of The Steeldrivers, and 21st century vibes of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, she spent countless hours writing and honed a sharp signature style, resulting in her debut single “Far Boy.”

Her “Far Boy” duet with Austin Burke debuted on Taste of Country and her latest collaboration with breakout star Kidd G on “Love Isn’t Real” was featured on numerous editorial playlists on release week including the prestigious “Women of Country” Spotify playlist. Leah featured her latest single “I Wish” in a TikTok that has now gained over 1.9M views and the song has garnered over 200,000 streams in just over 3 weeks.

Who Is Hannah?

In today’s society, there is so much pressure to have someone to spend your life with.
Some of us go through the thought that we will end up alone or that we will never find anyone. “Hannah” lays out some of the steps that were taken in order for this person to accept living their life alone. The song tells the story of a young woman, starting at the age of 26, who goes through the trials and tribulations of figuring out her own love story, with lyrics telling the sad truth that Hannah thinks may be come her fate, “Hannah grew immune to all the victims that would pass through her duvet / Resorting to the classic “boys are stupid” the excuses justified mistakes she knew just how to make / Hannah made her mind up years ago she wouldn’t mind a life alone / Complications of unfortunate accounts of almost finding love for comfort we’re a bit too close.”

Song Styling

While the verses highlight struggles with the balance of longing for someone and the peace of a life alone, the chorus is very uplifting. Mason reassures Hannah that her “life will wait” for her, and that Vienna will also be there in the future for her when she figures out what she needs and wants. Leah’s vocal performance, paired with this incredible storyline, are sure to captivate any listener’s heart and soul. “Hannah” tells about the beauty and grace there is for waiting on the perfect person and the right timing that we all sometimes forget.

In juxtaposition to the lyrics, the bubbly tune to the song makes it seem as though the story has a happy ending. The guitar gives the happy vibe by having a catchy riff throughout the whole song. When the kick drum comes in, it gives the feel that we see a lot of new up and coming country artists. Leah Marie Mason is just what country music needs, providing a perfect combination of fresh ideas while still telling a heart touching story.

Leah Marie Mason has several songs on the Nashville Rocks Spotify list Artists To Check out in 2021.

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