2019 UMG Career Jam and Artist Showcase at Marathon Music Works

Jason Coleman at UMG Career Jam

The Career Jam and UMG Artist Showcase at Marathon Music Works

I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Universal Music Group Career Jam last night. It was truly a first-of-it’s-kind event. Who ever heard of the music industry opening up itself to something like a job fair? The product of an idea by Peggy Huck – Vice President, Talent Management at Universal Music Group. The event allowed music business job seekers access to information about the company as a whole as well as access to a showcase by three of their artists. Job seekers were also treated to panel discussion by current employees about the culture and what it takes to become part of the UMG family. This is the first I have ever heard of a music business event such as this that would allow such access. In a very laid back music filled atmosphere, networking and job seeking took a primary role in a time when submitting online resumes has removed the personal connection between employer and job seeker. They opened themselves up to direct contact by job seekers who dream of working in the music industry. Job seekers lined up to speak to their panelist of choice to ask questions about their career path and what they should do to follow it.

Jason Coleman in the UMG Photo booth

I took the opportunity to act-a-fool in their photo booth. A great marketing idea to help spread the word about the event on social media. The images were directly emailed to me immediately after they were taken. They gave away a fender guitar! Or as one of the panelists mentioned, a “Geetar.”

There was an open bar, and cookies and a charity was in attendance. Thistle Farms helps women who’ve survived horrific events such as human trafficking, prostitution and addiction. By purchasing their products, you directly support these women who make the products. Head on over to their website and get some great handmade products and support this wonderful cause https://thistlefarms.org/.

After the panelists provided information about their job and how they help artists careers and proliferate music over the globe, an entire hour was given for networking and direct conversations with VPs and Directors of the company. All of the panelists I spoke with were very friendly and wide open to questions about the company and available with tips to find a career in the music industry.

Some of the UMG employees on hand were:

  • Kent Draughon – VP Administration and Operations – Capital Christian
  • Emily Borger – VP Marketing and Commercial Partnerships – Capital Christian
  • Matt Reed – VP Digital Content – Capital Christian
  • Mike Harris – COO/EVP – Universal Music Group Nashville
  • Chris Schuler – VP, Promotion and Radio – Universal Music Group Nashville
  • Amanda Good – Sr. Director, Marketing and Artist Develpment – Universal Music Group Nashville

…and several more in publishing and other departments.

David Frank InformationThen came the artist showcases. First was David Frank, songwriter for UMPG and frontman for Little Dume. His style was powerful vocally with crisp clean tonality. He loves his mom and is not afraid to share it with everyone. He is currently cowriting everywhere he can and hopefully we can get him on the podcast soon. See below for some mobile phone video clips of his performance.

Next up was Nashville’s own Riley Clemmons! I’m always stoked to find a Nashville native! She was full of energy and has been with UMG for at least three years already and is only 19 years old. Her colorful wardrobe and contagious personality kept the energy in the room high. This girl has got tight control of her vocals and has real power and range. See below for mobile phone clips.  Riley Clemmons Info

Closing out the music for the event was R.Lum.R. This guy was all over the place with massively dynamic vocal range. I kept thinking about following the white rabbit down the hole as I was listening to this artist perform his lyrics. It wasn’t just the lyrics, but how he performed them that was so utterly dynamic and broad reaching. he was a very humble artist and treated the audience to that trip through the forrest. Figuratively speaking of course. See below for mobile phone clips.R.LUM.R


Check out the clips in a playlist from the artist showcase here.

Keep Rockin’ Nashville!

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