Music Workshops in Nashville Hosted by Google

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YouTube Music Workshops In Nashville

I was forwarded a great piece of information from the Tennessean this morning by my ever-so-cool wife. It’s a story by Nate Rau. In it he writes about the information he received from the folks at Google who are planning to have workshops in Nashville specifically for the music industry. The workshops will apparently concentrate on the features artists should take advantage of using YouTube.

I agree that these workshops are needed. I still run into independent artists all the time who don’t take advantage of this great technology and way to get music out there to the masses. I have emailed the YT Music folks and hopefully I will see you at one or all of these workshops. If you need help in the meantime getting your YouTube accounts loaded up with great music content, feel free to contact me directly and I will help you out.

Here is the link to the article:

Google To Host Music Workshops in Nashville

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Inside Vocal Tips from a Vocal Coach to the Stars

Gary Allan and Dr. Garrett

Vocal Tips From Experience

There was a time when a singer’s voice disorders were mainly about crisis management. But recently, preventative treatment has become important, especially in Nashville, where the voice is one’s moneymaker.

“For many years when we saw an artist, it was very hush-hush,” said Dr. Gaelyn Garrett, Medical Director at the Vanderbilt Voice Center and an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology. “It was literally taboo to think something was wrong or say that something was wrong. Artists were scared. If they weren’t working, they weren’t getting paid, their band members weren’t getting paid, their agents weren’t getting paid … The list went on and on.

“But I think the labels now all recognize that it’s like professional sports — a knee injury is going to take out a football player as much as a voice injury is going to take out a singer,” added Garrett, whose clients have included Country stars Gary Allen and Josh Turner. “It behooves them to proceed with some preventative management.”

Download Gary Allen Music On Amazon • Download Josh Turner Music On Amazon

Besides the more serious vocal ailments that can occur, day-to-day problems with one’s voice can be common. Often, these nagging vocal issues stem from a number of factors. Read more →

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The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 5 – Ryan Sutton

Ryan Sutton

The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 5: Ryan Sutton – Producer Engineer Musician

Ryan Sutton

The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 5 with Ryan Sutton. Ryan is an engineer, producer, multi-instrument musician based out of Frankiln, TN just outside Nashville. In this 5th episode of The Nashville Rocks Podcast, I sit down with Ryan Sutton and we chat about life/career changes, time in the studio, paying your dues, buying a good quality tuner and more. Read more →

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Keep Your Music Equipment Safe

tom petty and the heartbreakers

How to Thwart Music Equipment Theft

From rock stars to up-and-comers towing trailers, too many artists and musicians have been victims of equipment theft. Whether it’s Tom Petty and the Heart­breakers losing five vintage guitars during a soundcheck to a sticky-fingered security guard, or Country newcomer JJ Lawhorn being ripped off for $4,000 worth of gear from his band’s van while checking into a hotel in Valdosta, Ga., no one is Read more →

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Vocal Warm Up Tips

Matassa & Merkano

Country Singers Share Vocal Warm-Up Tips

Before the house lights dim, Country Music fans rush to their seats for a show they’ve waited weeks or even months to savor. Energy ripples through the audience; individually and as part of an assembly of thousands, everyone can feel it.

There’s energy backstage too, but it’s different. Artists and musicians have gathered not to be entertained but to deliver a show that will leave them elated and attendees begging for more. They’ve got a lot on the line, and each performer has unique ways of making sure they can hit their peak night after Read more →

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The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 4: Bonner Black

Bonner Black

The Nashville Rocks® Podcast Episode 4: Bonner Black – Singer Songwriter Performer

The Nashville Rocks® Podcast Episode 4: Bonner Black - Singer Songwriter Performer

The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 4 with Bonner Black. Singer sonwriter performer from Nashville, TN. In this 4th episode of The Nashville Rocks Podcast, I sit down with singer songwriter performer Bonner Black. We get to discuss work on her new tracks Life is A Party, We Changed and Walkin’.. We talk about songwriting inspiration and the best part about being a writer…being creative.

Bonner is a former ballet dancer turned Read more →

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