Dierks Bentley Sets His Life to Song on Riser

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Dierks Bentley Releases Riser

Any successful career requires time away from home. No one knows that better than Dierks Bentley. And few artists are as willing to share what this means in song, as Bentley does on his most personal album to date, Riser.

The overall theme of Riser is discovery and allowing fans a more intimate glimpse into Bentley. To that end, his manager, Mary Hilliard Harrington, suggested he make a documentary of his life and the things he was going through.

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“We could hear that in the music, from the first songs he turned in from the first writing sessions,” she said. “I knew early on that this was going to be more of an album project in a singles-driven world and that we would need to tell the story of the entire project in order for the fans to truly understand and appreciate it. I hope the documentary helps do that.” Read more →


Jon Pardi – New Artist Spotlight – CMA Closeup Interview

Jon Pardi

Jon PardiJon Pardi is the “Life Of The Pardi”

Saloon pianos clink, guitars crunch and fiddles, well, they fiddle throughout Write You a Song, Jon Pardi’s debut album on Capitol Records Nashville. And it fits together into a package that practically dares you not to get up and dance.
A lot of Pardi’s energy stems from days on the road and long nights on stages throughout his home state of California. He was already absorbing the spirit of real-world Country when he performed “Friends in Low Places” at age 7 for his father’s 30th birthday party. His first songs came at 12, his first band debuted two years later. The move to Nashville followed two restless years at Butte Junior College.

Apparently his experiences left Pardi unscarred. While there are no tears-in-my-beer blues here, that’s not to say he avoids introspective material. But even on the down-tempo “Love Hangs Around” (written by Pardi, Treat Summar and Odie Blackmon), you sense that it’s just a matter of time before the lyric’s two long-distance lovers enjoy a happy reunion.

Similarly, the rockin’ numbers have dimension. You’ll hear hardly a mention of trucks or cut-off jeans; instead, actual stories inhabit his down-home grooves. The title cut (Pardi, Bart Butler and Davy Ulbrich), as well as “Up All Night” (Pardi, Butler and Brett Beavers), showcase his fondness for melodies built on tight, repetitive motifs. The guy just sounds like he’s having a ball, and with his amiable drawl he’s inviting us all to join him.



“There are so many, I don’t know where to start. Elvis was pretty awesome, though.”


Bakersfield, by Vince Gill and Paul Franklin.”


“Willie Nelson. Willie just takes a song up to a whole new level.”


“People who eat really loud.”


Life of the Pardi.”

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