Kenzie Kaos – Artist Showcase


Mackenzie Robert IS Kenzie Kaos

Kenzie KaosAs I meet Mackenzie and sit down to begin the interview. I get my recorder ready and test the audio to make sure I’m good to go and it hits me, could I be sitting across from the next Lady Gaga? Katy Perry? It is quite possible because this girl has her head on her shoulders and is getting ready to make waves in the electronic indie pop genre. I had the opportunity to sit with her prior to the release of her music coming out in the spring along with an indie film and this is how the interview went. Enjoy.

Nashville Rocks: Who is Kenzie Kaos? Tell us about your band and your music.

Kenzie Kaos: We are an electronic indie pop group. We met at Belmont University. We started writing together and our vibe really matched. We continued on and created Kenzie Kaos and we have our first release coming out this spring in the movie Butterfly Kisses. Our song, Butterfly Kisses will be the title track. I’m grew up in musical theatre and Connor played in a pop punk band that toured in the Vans Warped Tour while he was in high school.

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Taylor Swift Breaks Free Of Her Country Roots

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift Breaks Free Of Her Country Roots

Taylor Swift breaks free of her country roots. I never thought I’d be doing much reporting on Taylor Swift. I have to admit I was not a fan of her work. She’s probably a great person and very sweet (from what I hear), but I just didn’t dig her style of tunes. Now remember, that’s coming from a guy who likes most music, but my core music genre is hard rock and metal. It’s just who I am.

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